Profit When You Dispose Of A Junk Car

If you don’t trade your car periodically, sooner or later the one you have will reach the end of the line. The last thing you want to do is have it sit in your driveway for ages taking up much needed space. This is the ideal time to profit on the disposal of your Chicago junk car. To maximize on the value that is left in your junk car there are a number of things you can do.

The first thing to do is call various junk yards and get a rough idea of what your old car might be worth. If all you want to do is get it out of your drive then take the highest price and get it over with, however, there are other things you can do if you want to maximize profit.

* What’s working? To make more profit from the disposal of any Chicago junk car take time to assess what is working and what is worthless. By spending a pleasant Saturday afternoon stripping the working parts off the car, you will be able to sell them to someone with the particular vehicle who needs the parts you have. This is the approach that is often taken by the junk yard; there is no reason that you can’t do the same thing if you have the time and inclination.

* Clean up what’s left: Once you have stripped all the usable parts off the car there really is nothing left buy scrap. Although there is no need to wash the car, you can increase your profit by at least cleaning all the trash that may have accumulated. If you send the car to the junkyard full of trash it may cost you.

* Negotiate: There is absolutely nothing wrong with negotiating the price with the junkyard. You probably negotiated years ago when you bought the car, why not negotiate now when you are junking it? In some cases the first offer from the Chicago junk car dealer is a little less than what they are actually prepared to pay.

As well as the above hints, you have to find a junk car dealer. Look for a dealer that is fair with their customers, provides good customer service and pays realistic prices. Chances are the car cannot be driven to the junk yard so make sure the dealer you opt for can pick up the car from your home.

If you are looking to dispose of a Chicago junk car you will want to deal with a buyer that will pick up the car on the day you call and pay cash on the spot. You are invited to call Aero Auto parts for the best price and the best service.

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