Comfort On the Road: Transmission Repair Service in Kent, WA

The automatic transmission in your car or truck is a modern marvel of computer-controlled technology that transfers power from your engine to the driveline components that power the wheels. When an automatic transmission needs work, it takes a specialist to even know where to start. A standard, or manual, transmission isn’t as complicated as an automatic, but it still demands a professional transmission repair service.

How Do You Know When Your Transmission Is Failing?

The transmission ultimately transfers power to the wheels, so it’s likely that you’ll notice when it starts to act up. There are a number of unmistakable symptoms of transmission failure that are likely to show up before the transmission completely fails, leaving you stranded and in need of transmission repair service in Kent, WA.

Automatic Transmissions

The symptoms are different for an automatic than they are for a manual, but there are some similarities. If your vehicle has an automatic transmission, one of the symptoms may be a surging engine or jerkiness in the driveline when you apply the throttle. Other symptoms for an automatic are transmission noise or failure to move when you put the vehicle in gear, sluggishness at higher RPMs, or leaking fluid from the transmission housing. The check engine light may be on, and the computer may have stored enough data to tell your transmission repair service if the problem is electrical or mechanical.

Manual (Standard) Transmissions

When a manual transmission starts to fail, it is usually noticeable in either the clutch pedal or the shift lever. Clutch problems are evident by a clutch that feels spongy or that seems to be slipping when you shift gears, and clutch problems can usually be fixed without transmission work. You may have difficulty getting the transmission in gear when shifting, or it may slip out of gear or sound like it’s grinding when you shift gears. You will want a quality Kent transmission repair service if you start to experience any of these symptoms.

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