Getting Auto Body Repairs in El Cajon After A Fender Becomes Dented

When a vehicle’s fender becomes dented, the owner will want to take the necessary steps to have it repaired promptly. Failing to fix a dent in a timely manner leads to the possibility of rusting to occur. To improve the look of a vehicle, try removing the dent by following these steps.

Try Using Temperature Changes To Bend The Metal

If a dent is not large in size, adding extreme temperatures to the metal where it is located may help to bend the metal back into its original position. Start by applying a piece of dry ice to the affected area. After a minute or so, use a hair dryer to warm the area. The change in temperature often pops a small dent back out.

Consider Using A Plunging Device To Remove The Dent

An auto dent pulling device may be helpful in removing a bent portion of a fender. This type of tool is found at auto supply shops and works in the same manner as a toilet plunger. Simply center the flanged part of the device over the dent, push in slightly, and pull outward with force. These devices work well on smaller dents.

Fill In The Dented Portion With The Appropriate Materials

Use auto putty to fill in a larger dent. This type of putty requires the addition of a hardening agent. Instructions are provided with auto body filler and it is relatively easy to apply with a plastic spatula made especially for bodywork. After the putty hardens, use sandpaper to smooth the area. Paint the putty to match the color of the vehicle.

Call A Professional To Replace The Fender With A New One

Larger dents require help from a service that specializes in auto body repairs in El Cajon. They will assess the situation and determine whether pulling the dent is possible or if a new fender needs to be installed.

When there is a need for auto body repairs in El Cajon, calling the right business for help is a must. Take a look at a website like to find out more about the work they perform or to make an appointment. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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