Do You Need an Expert in Transmissions in Minneapolis?

Of the many different parts of your vehicle, few of them are more complex than your transmission. That’s especially true when it comes to an automatic transmission. In concept, transmissions are simple, but in practice, they are very complex. They are named such because they transmit power from your engine to your wheels. Your engine combusts gasoline to move pistons. The motion of the pistons moves a driveshaft. That driveshaft is connected to the transmission, which contains a series of gears. The gear transmits the power to the wheels. The size of the gear determines the rate of speed and the amount of power applied to the wheels.

Grinding Shifts

You can generally assume that grinding transmissions in Minneapolis are a problem. A shift is supposed to be largely silent and smooth. So if you hear gears rubbing against each other, you have a problem in need of repair. It could be something as simple as low or dirty fluid. The fluid, much like motor oil, helps to lubricate the moving parts to make each shift smooth. It could mean that your gears are bent or misaligned, though. Getting it looked at early is the best way to avoid a bigger problem in the future.

Sluggish Shifts

This is more of a problem for automatic transmissions than manual ones. When your car attempts to shift gears, there is a slight lull, but it should happen pretty quickly. If you’re having car trouble, you might feel the car seemed to lag considerably. A very slow shift is often followed by a rough hiccup as the gears finally click into place. A sluggish shift or a rough shift are signs of car problems.

You can get them looked at and fixed fairly quickly if you consult with an expert right away. They’ll determine what is wrong and how best to move forward in fixing the problem.

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