How to Choose a Used Car Dealer in Orland Park That’s Right for You

So, you need a car. But the thought of dealing with a used car dealer in Orland Park has you intimated and anxious. Don’t stress about it. Here are few questions you can ask to help you choose the car and dealer that’s right for you:

How long can you go on a test drive?

Take your time. It’s never a good idea to rush through the buying process. If the dealer gives you only a few minutes or an hour to test the car, that might not be enough for you to check out its features or see how well it handles curves and stops. Some dealers might offer longer test drive times so take advantage of it.

Is there a CarFax report?

Dealerships that keep making excuses for why it’s not available are hiding something. If there’s no CarFax report, then you know it isn’t a reliable and trustworthy place to do business with. On the other hand, reputable dealerships like Hawk Chevrolet of Joliet can hand over this report with ease. That’s the kind of dealer you’ll want to do business with any day.

What’s your return policy?

Some dealerships, especially those that are consumer-friendly, will allow you to take back the car and rethink your purchase. If you talked yourself into getting that red sedan number the day before when you know that the black SUV will fit your needs better, then a used car dealer in Orland Park with a flexible return program can be a godsend.

What services do you offer?

Some dealerships offer a range of service options that you can go for. It’s certainly much more convenient than having to bop over to a service center to handle any repairs or add-ons you want. Your life is going to be so much easier if your dealership can handle these as well. Follow us on Google+.

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