The New Farmer Gains Advantages With the PRW Support Program

Now and then, a person realizes a dream of buying a small farm and building a life there. A significant amount of investment is required in addition to buying the land and buildings. New machinery may be needed, and there are ongoing costs for planting crops and caring for animals. Repairs may be necessary for tractors and other heavy equipment. Sometimes tires and wheels must be replaced. A long-established company like Pioneer Rim & Wheel offers a PRW Support Program for various types of customers, including those in agricultural ventures.

Someone who buys an enterprise like this typically has gained experienced working in agriculture and fell in love with the idea of having a farm of his or her own. The person’s spouse, relatives, and friends may not be as familiar with the work involved, but they quickly start to learn. When it comes to tires and wheels, kids might show the most curiosity, asking questions not every adult can answer. For instance, why are the front tires on a tractor smaller than the tires on the back? That’s not the case with the family car or the farm’s pickup truck.

This isn’t the case with every tractor, but it’s common enough to be noticeable. One reason is for weight distribution. A tractor’s engine, located in front, is very heavy, and so are the larger tires and wheels. The vehicle would be more vulnerable to tipping over if the weight were so much greater in front. Bigger, heavier tires in back thus make the vehicle more stable, which is particularly important when it’s being driven on slopes, rutted land, and muddy fields. A second reason is because the front and back wheels have separate functions. The front wheels are primarily for steering, while the rear wheels are more involved in pulling trailers and other equipment that digs through dirt, plants seeds, and harvests crops.

With the PRW Support Program, owners of agricultural equipment have more affordable and streamlined ways to replace certain components on their machinery. There’s a lot to learn as the new farmer starts to live the dream. Please visit the website for more information about this particular organization.

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