Steps to Take Before Collision Repair in Eudora KS

Automobile accidents can be traumatic and stressful events, even before dealing with medical bills and auto insurance issues. First, you must deal with the shock of the accident, and then you must deal with longer term effects. It can be difficult to determine which steps to take, but the tips below can help to make the process a little easier.

Immediately After the Accident

If your vehicle was rendered inoperable in the accident and was subsequently removed, you can immediately contact your insurance company. You should also call the tow facility where your vehicle was taken, and have them release it to a collision repair shop in Eudora KS for an estimate. Once you receive an estimate, you can initiate your insurance claim.

If you Were at Fault

If you were responsible for the accident and you have collision coverage, call your insurer at the number listed on the back of your card. Here are some additional tips to streamline the claims process:

  • Have your card ready. Your insurance card contains important information such as your VIN and your policy number.
  • Be prepared to answer some questions. The claims representative will ask you questions about the accident, such as the location, date and steps taken to prevent the collision.
  • Retain your claim number. After you’ve answered the representative’s questions, you will be given a claim number to provide to the Collision Repair Eudora KS shop.

Get temporary transportation. If your policy covers a rental vehicle, get one as soon as possible. If you are unsure of your coverage, ask the agent when you make your insurance claim. Many insurers are affiliated with certain repair shops, but you don’t have to use the shop they suggest. Reputable shops will negotiate with insurers even if no prior relationship exists.

If the Other Driver was at Fault

If you were not responsible for the collision, you have two choices: Make an insurance claim following the steps above, or call in the claim after you receive the police report. No matter your decision, you should hire a highly-rated collision repair shop. As long as you provide accurate information, the shop can do the work necessary to expedite the claims process.

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