Driving in Hazardous Conditions: Avoiding Hail

The best advice that can be given when driving in hazardous conditions is this: avoid it as much as possible! Whether it’s heavy rain, hail, snow or a tornado bearing down on you, avoiding these circumstances altogether is the best way to stay safe. However, if you should ever find yourself in a situation where you are going through a hail storm, there are a few safety tips that you need to take into consider.

Don’t Get Caught Out in the Open
They say that you should not stand underneath a tree if there is lightning in the skies. While this advice is somewhat true, given the propensity for lightning to strike the area closest to the ground (i.e. the top of a tree), the opposite is also true for a hail storm. If you are out in your car in a hail storm, the absolute worst thing you can do is get caught out in the open. With nothing to block the hail, your car will get a full barrage of ice resulting in the need for substantial hail damage repair from a Denver car repair center.
You need to take cover near an object that has a substantial overhang so that it can absorb some of the ice being pelted at you. It is highly recommended that you head for either a tree, a rocky overhand or even a parking garage if possible. The more cover you put between you and the hail storm, the less substantial your repair costs are going to be.

Roll Up Your Windows
If you have no nearby cover, your best option is to wait out the storm and roll up your windows. Do not, under any circumstances, leave your windows open during a hail storm. Yes, it may seem that the hail is just coming from above but a hail storm normally comes with substantial winds that can blow large chunks of hail directly into your car. If this happens, the least of your concerns is going to be melted ice since being hit by large ice ball going at 40 to 50 miles per hour will result in grievous physical injury. Keep your windows closed at all times and make sure that they remain closed.

Pull Over to the Side of the Road
People seem to think that they can drive through a hail storm in order to reach their desired location. The problem with this idea is that it is more likely they will get into an accident rather than get to where they are going. The combination of baseball sized hail, low visibility and slick roads creates a disaster that is just waiting to happen. In fact, it is quite common for Denver car drivers to see their windshields literaly crack in the face of oncoming hail. Go to the side of the road and stay there if there is no other cover available.

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