Looking After Your 8 Stud Wheels to Prevent Contamination

If you look at your vehicle and think that something is missing, why not spruce up its appearance with a new set of shiny wheels? With 8 stud wheels fitted on your automobile, you can increase its value, enhance performance and even protect the vehicle. Most alloy wheels have a relatively high strength-to-weight ratio, and the spoke design allows you to reflect the characteristics you desire. Corrosion-resistant alloys will stand the test of time and maintain their luxury look for many years, but some minor maintenance is required to avoid rust and other issues.

Controlling Brake Dust

Metal filings, adhesive residues and carbon fibres make up brake dust, which can contaminate the 8 stud wheels on your vehicle unless you take precautionary steps. It is common for the metal pieces in brake dust to oxidise and when this happens, the process of galvanic corrosion will begin. This will result in the rim rusting and possibly needing replacing. Brake dust can be controlled in numerous ways, such as by:

  • Buying and fitting aftermarket brake pads
  • Fitting dust shields
  • Establishing a cleaning routine

Frequently washing wheelsRemember that if rims are unprotected you can expect etching to set in within a few weeks. This is why it’s recommended to take the above tips into account ahead of certain months like winter, which is when the chances of corrosion increase, due to poor weather conditions.

Recommended Methods

Effective wheel care begins with frequent cleaning. There are two things you will need in order to clean the wheels properly – a gentle shampoo and microfibre wash mitt. Microfibre mitts are soft, but will remove smudges and marks from most types of wheels. Start by hosing the wheels to dislodge dirt and grime, before scrubbing with some shampoo, rinsing and wiping dry with the cloth. It would also be a good idea to pick up some wheel sealant from a local store, because this will shield the wheels from the elements.

Cleaning and Protecting

You should always follow the same procedure when cleaning the rims on your vehicle, because this will help them maintain their quality. A high-pressure jet washer will come in handy if you drive an off-roading vehicle that regularly gets dirty, because the high pressure will loosen dried-on dirt, so that you can buff and recondition the wheel and tyre. Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supermart has been selling 8 stud wheels to people around Australia for more than 30 years. For information about promotions and packages, call 03 9720 4933.

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