Tips for Caring for Brakes in Tulsa

A car’s braking system is one of its most important safety features. To ensure that the brakes stay in good shape, drivers must take certain preventive measures. By avoiding basic driving errors and ensuring that parts are properly maintained and replaced when necessary, a car owner can stay safe on the road. Below are some expert tips on making a car’s brakes last longer, as well as some information on when to take a car in for brake repairs.

Replace When Required

Auto brake pads are under constant strain, and wear and tear happen quickly. Generally, brake pads should be replaced every 25-75,000 miles. However, it’s important to check them regularly to make sure they’re not wearing out sooner. A local shop that does Brakes Tulsa can help.

Watch the Speed

Speed may be fun, but it’s the braking system’s worst enemy. Sudden, high-speed braking puts a great deal of stress on individual components, especially the brake pads. Monitoring speed and avoiding sudden stops can go a long way in keeping a car’s brakes in good shape.

Lighten the Load

Avoid loading the vehicle with excessive or unnecessary weight, as it can take a significant toll on the brakes. The heavier a car is, the harder the brakes have to work to slow things down. If it’s absolutely necessary to carry additional weight, drive slower to make up for it.

Occasionally Change the Brake Fluid

Changing the brake fluid, or “flushing”, as brake repair specialists refer to it, helps protect brake pads and other crucial components. Brake pads, as mentioned earlier, are exposed to a tremendous amount of friction, and having the right amount of lubrication can help them stand up to the stress of constant use.

These car care tips can not only make a vehicle’s brakes last much longer, but it can keep the driver and other motorists safe on the roads. If it is time to change, check or replace a car’s Brakes Tulsa, drivers can count on Tate Boys Tire & Service for expert advice. Call or visit the website to learn more about brake replacement or to schedule an appointment.

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