The Signs You Need a New Tire in Saltillo, MS

Even the best tire on the market eventually will break down. They’re made from different kinds of rubber that will eventually succumb to the high stress of driving down the road constantly. If you are in the market for new wheels, you need to find a good supplier that will be able to provide you with quality parts. If you don’t replace your wheels after the tread has worn down, you could be putting yourself in danger. The tread on wheels funnels water from underneath the wheels so that they maintain traction with the ground. If there is no tread, the car can actually slide on a plane of water without even touching the road. This is obviously very dangerous.

Use a Penny

One of the easiest ways to measure tread depth is to use a penny. Many people will recommend that you measure your tread with a penny to determine if you need a new tire in Saltillo, MS. You should place an upside-down penny in the treads; if you can see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head, you need to replace them.

You can find many different options if you visit There are different options for wheels that are designed for the road, off-road, or some kind of dual purpose use. Very tall treads will give you more traction in muddy or wet conditions, but they can also reduce your gas mileage. If you’re only going to be on the road, then a road tread is going to be the most cost-effective option.

Use Soap

If you think that air is leaking out of your tire, you can use soapy water to determine if that’s the case. You should pour soapy water over the entire wheel. If air is leaking, the soap will bubble at the site of the leak.

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