Choosing an Auto Repair Shop

When a car develops a fault, it is important to find a reliable auto repair shop to fix it. Since there are so many auto repair shops, it may be difficult for the vehicle owner to choose the right one. Major factors when choosing such shops are the skill and expertise of the technicians. The following are some factors to consider when choosing an auto repair shop.


Most repair shops prominently display the certifications of their technicians on shop walls. These certifications show the level of proficiency of the technician. They also indicate that the shop’s employees are knowledgeable and have undergone rigorous training in their area of expertise.

The best auto repair shops usually have the Blue Seal. This shows that a large number of their employees ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service) certified.

Consult the Better Business Bureau

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) maintains a record of local businesses and endorses those that perform quality work and provide excellent service. It is recommended that vehicle owners visit the BBB website and check the auto shop’s reputation. Past reviews from customers are also available on the website.


If the car is still covered by a warranty, the car owner should have the dealer perform the necessary repairs. Depending on the type of auto warranty, it may not be possible to go to auto shops that aren’t approved by the dealership. Doing so may lead to a violation of the warranty. It is best to contact the dealer for more information.


Many auto shops provide outrageous quotes for vehicle repairs. The best way to determine the accuracy of such quotes is to go to other repair shops. Comparing the quotes from three or four auto repair shops gives one an idea of the actual costs of repair. However, it is not always advisable to go to the cheapest shop. Such shops may offer substandard services. It is best to factor in the quality of service provided when comparing prices.

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